Discover the world. Fly via Warsaw

Discover the world. Fly via Warsaw

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Parking cheaply at the airport

Parking cheaply at the airport

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Before My Arrival to the Airport

Check your travel documents sufficiently ahead of time. You can travel abroad either using your identity card or passport depending on a country you are going to travel to. You can find a respective type of document to be used by clicking on your destination on the Map of Destinations, or on websites of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Check your passport validity; some countries require a sufficient passport validity term also after return from abroad.

Pay attention to your luggage you may transport within your flight ticket/trip. This information is always provided to you by the flight ticket/trip dealer.

Some objects must not be transported on board. This covers e.g. knives, scissors,…however, also liquids exceeding 100 ml. Find a list of such objects on Security Control page. 

Arrival to the Airport

The arrival road in front of the departure lounge is provided with barriers. You may arrive there free-of-charge for 15 minutes (in 24 hours), unload luggage and drop fellow travelers. Then you park your car at one of the airport car parks.


Parking at the airport is very easy. All 4 car parks are situated in close vicinity to the departure lounge and are differed by price. The cheapest parking, CZK 70 a day, is available at the parks P3 and P4. They are situated about 3 minutes walking from the departure lounge. The car park P5 is situated rightly opposite the railway terminal, and you may park there provided you have a parking voucher issued by a travel agency. The nearest car park P1 is directly in front of the departure lounge. The prices are the biggest ones there.

A plan of car parks and prices are available here.


Check-in starts 2 hours prior to a scheduled airplane departure. Be at the airport in time!

If you have bought a trip with a travel agency, your check-in will take place at the check-in counter. Each check-in counter is designated by a monitor indicating a flight destination. Join a proper counter and prepare your travel documents. The counter staff will take over your luggage, i.e. respective registered luggage, to be checked-in. You will pick it up upon arrival to your destination. The counter staff will give you a luggage ticket which you must keep. You will be given a boarding pass indicating a time to enter the plane, so-called a boarding gate, through which you will be allowed to pass through to go into the airplane, so-called GATE, and a number of your seat in the airplane.

If you only have a bought flight ticket, you have been required to check-in by a respective airline several days in advance via internet. Following such check-in, a boarding pass will be sent into your e-mail box. Taking this boarding pass, go directly to the security check.

Security Czech

Then go on to the security check. Empty your pockets and put all of them, jacket, and all hand bags, into a prepared tray. The check is always presented by a clerk who gives you instructions. Keep in mind you must not take with you any of forbidden objects. Such objects would be seized to you by a security clerk.

Waiting for a Departure

Now you have time to take a cup of coffee or a bite to eat, and do shopping in the Duty Free shop. However, observe a boarding time indicated in your boarding pass. This time is displayed also on monitors situated within the departure lounge.

A boarding time is announced by an airport clerk by the Tannoy. Go to your GATE. There your boarding pass and document will be checked once more, and you can proceed towards the airplane. The airline staff will take over the care of you there.

The airport staff members are available at the airport area and they can give any advice, and, therefore, do not hesitate to contact them.

We wish you a pleasant stay at our airport and nice holiday!

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