Discover the world. Fly via Warsaw

Discover the world. Fly via Warsaw

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Parking cheaply at the airport

Parking cheaply at the airport

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Dear passengers, we have prepared a few tips and suggestions for you on how to go through airport security in the easiest and fastest way:

  • when passing through security check take off outer clothing (such as a coat or a jacket), your belt, watch, mobile phone, documents, wallet and other small items, should be put in the plastic containers ready for X-ray inspection,
  • remove large electrical items from your hand luggage, such as laptops, cameras and so on,
  • remove and show all plastic all liquids and gels correctly bagged out of your luggage.

You must always follow the instructions of the airport staff.

Passengers with metal body replacements such as a hip joint or spine replacement, should have an official confirmation from their doctor.


Hand luggageChecked luggage
Laptops, photographic cameras, MP3 players and personal CD players, cell phones
Liquids and gels

up to 100 ml *

over 100 ml
Liquids for medical purposes, baby food in a quantity required for the duration of the

Knives and scissors with blades no more than 6 cm in length (except for lockable knives)

Tools (drills, hammers, screwdrivers, spanners, etc.), medical instruments
Firearms, replica and imitation firearms (paintball guns, air and airsoft guns, starter pistols, nail guns, etc.) ammunition **
Batons and tasers
Hockey sticks, golf clubs, ski and walking/hiking poles, fishing rods, paddles
Explosives and explosive devices, detonators, fuses, display/consumer pyrotechnics
Acids, corrosives and flammables
Pressurized containers and gases of any type (e.g. propane, butane, self-defence sprays)

Flammable liquids and solids, radioactive materials, toxic or infectious substances
Electronic cigarettes ***

Lithium batteries and devices that contain lithium batteries

* All such liquids and gels must be placed in a transparent and re-sealable bag (available at the airport).

** Under the Arms and Ammunition Act and subject to the carrier’s terms and conditions of carriage.

*** Electronic cigarettes containing batteries must not be carried in checked baggage. You can carry them in your cabin luggage, but they must be protected against accidental switching on.

Transport of liquids:

Steps to speed up your security check

 You can only transport liquids with a maximum volume of 100ml / 100g in the cabin luggage. Transport other liquids in your checked baggage. Restrictions do not apply to liquids purchased in the non-public area of the airport and packaged by the seller in security packaging and liquids purchased under security control.

Place the fluids in a transparent bag of up to 1 litre (available at the security checks). One bag per person is allowed.

Before the security check, remove the bag from the luggage and place it in the plastic tray.

Liquids for medical purposes, infant food and baby food are allowed in the amount necessary for the duration of your flight.

A liquid includes:

  • water and other beverages, syrups.
  • perfumes
  • shower gels and hair gels.
  • pastes, including toothpastes.
  • cosmetics in liquid forms.
  • creams, face creams and oils.
  • sprays and deodorants.
  • tinned food.
  • containers with pressured contents, shaving foams and similar.
  • liquid mixtures and solid substances.
  • all other mixtures of similar consistency

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