Discover the world. Fly via Warsaw

Discover the world. Fly via Warsaw

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Parking cheaply at the airport

Parking cheaply at the airport

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Rules for checked luggage may be different with individual carriers and flights, therefore we recommend to verify this information prior to departure directly with the airline or travel agency with which you are travelling.

Dimensions and weights of luggage for individual carriers


Luggage policy

SmartWings no longer allows the addition of luggage weight.


Luggage policy

LOT Polish Airlines

Luggage policy

Other airline companies

If you are traveling with other airlines, your travel agent will provide you with details of the permitted weights, dimensions and other rules for transporting luggage.

Tips for checked baggage allowance:

  • Mark each piece of baggage with a name tag with your contacts (home address and the address of residence abroad). Name tags are available at the information desk.
  • Make sure you close or lock your luggage properly. 
  • Do not put valuable things in your checked baggage, such as money, credit cards, jewellery, electronic equipment, passports and other personal documents. Carry valuable things in your hand luggage.
  • We recommend that you wrap your luggage in protective foil. We offer this service in the departure hall, next to the Information counter.
  • Verify if your luggage meets the weight and size limits set by the carrier with which you are travelling. Avoid possible charges for excess weight or oversized baggage.
  • If your luggage exceeds the weight limit, you can pay for excess baggage after checking-in at the information desk.
  • Carefully keep the luggage ticket that will be issued by the staff at check-in, you will need it for possible claims.
  • Transportation of sun umbrellas  is charged by some airlines. You can pay at the Information Desk in the departure hall.

Hand and cabin luggage can contain:

  • Money, valuable items.
  • Electronic devices.
  • Medicine for your own use, necessary for and during the period of your stay.
  • Baby food needed for the journey (milk, tea, snacks, etc.).

Travelling with children

Weight limits and other information when travelling with children can be found here.

Counting of luggage weight

Each carrier sets its own luggage weight limits, so here we only mention the basic information from carriers who operate their own aircraft from Ostrava airport. Generally, however, for all of those carriers is valid that if two or more passengers travel together as a group (family, partners) on the same flight and check in together, it is possible to put their luggage together, i.e. their entitlements to free baggage weight is added and the baggage is checked-in jointly on one passenger.

SmartWings no longer allows the addition of luggage weight.

At Ryanair it is also possible to add baggage weight, but it is necessary to have a reservation together.

Oversized items

Conditions for carriage of oversized items such as bicycles, golf clubs, skis and sporting firearms, etc. must be discussed and arranged in advance with your airline company or the tour operator that operates the flight. No size restrictions apply to prams/pushchairs. See Travelling with Children.

 Carriage of luggage exceeding the permitted limits

If you exceed the weight limit or the number of pieces of luggage, you can:

  • reduce luggage weight, reduce the number of luggage,
  • pay the extra fee for the weight excess.

Charges for exceeding the limit for the free carriage of checked baggage may be imposed at any time during the carriage, subject to technical possibilities.

All fees related to excess baggage, etc. can be paid at Ostrava Airport at the Information Desk in the departure hall.

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